A change

So I decided to let my hair grow out. This should be fun 😛


About Luca

Most of you know me simply as Luca. I'm just a normal guy trying to live a life and share my opinion about different subjects (gaming, life, science, tech, religion, etc...you name it). So that's whats mostly gonna be posted here on this blog. Nothing offensive, but (hopefully) highly intellectual as well as maybe some short "facebook style" updates if something happened in my life or there is something on my mind. Have fun :)
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6 Responses to A change

  1. Justin Mavins says:


    Just wanted to remind you to keep your head up and everything will be alright. As far as growing your hair out I think you would look better with a nice clean haircut 🙂

  2. Ashley* says:

    lol this is gonna sound rly weird but I think u r rly cute :))) *

  3. Casey says:

    Do u hav facebook? :*3

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