Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

Today I’m gonna post a little bit about Easter (or as we call it in my country: The Big Night), what it means to people and what it means to people like me. This post was inspired by a friend of mine who wished me Happy Easter today and then added: “Remember, easter is not about the bunny, it’s about Jesus.“, and me not being a Christian (nor anything else for that matter) got me thinking.

As we all know, Easter is a Christian holiday to celebrate the resurrection of  Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. The customs of the celebration are decorating and eating

hard boiled eggs, which is a symbol of the rebirth of the earth in celebrations of spring, and was adopted by early Christians as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus.

But not everyone celebrates Easter because of it’s religious meaning. People like me, who don’t really belong to any religion but do not deny gods existence (also known as Agnostic) are  celebrate Easter and Christmas for other reasons.

People like me celebrate holidays like this because it makes the children  happy and brings all the family together and socialize. The idea of coloring easter eggs is a good way for parents and mostly grandparents to socialize with their children/grandchildren, and a good way for kids to bring out their creative side in a fun way (ex.: In kindergarten and 1st-4th grade, we used to color eggs in class and had them on display…..the eggs were hollowed out first tho).
Yes I will agree that the whole easter presents and the “easter bunny” idea are a way for companies to earn money….but you know what….it’s fun and it adds something fun for everyone to do. It made me happy as a child and I bet it makes many children happy now especially those who don’t have a lot of things to look forward to.

Also a interesting custom where I come form is that every Easter, we bake (or buy) a cake like bread pastry with walnut filling…I couldn’t find a translation for it but we call it potica. I did a little (and I mean a little) research on the whole thing and i didn’t see it being

mentioned anywhere as far as religion goes, and we also server a large variety of dry meat (lamb, pork, etc.) and horse radish.

So in conclusion, what this post was basically about is that Easter is a religious celebration but for a lot of people, it doesn’t represent a religious meaning at all, but a a event where families come together and socialize every once in a while……or both!

I hope you enjoyed this little blog post,

Luca S. Kuhar


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Most of you know me simply as Luca. I'm just a normal guy trying to live a life and share my opinion about different subjects (gaming, life, science, tech, religion, etc...you name it). So that's whats mostly gonna be posted here on this blog. Nothing offensive, but (hopefully) highly intellectual as well as maybe some short "facebook style" updates if something happened in my life or there is something on my mind. Have fun :)
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  1. Ann Jordan says:

    Awesomeness.!(: And, Believe It Or Not, I Actually Read The Whole Thing.(:

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