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Think with your own mind (Part 2) – Religion & Beliefs

Ok this is gonna be a short one because it’s diffidently a fact that if you do not follow god and his rules by the very last drop of ink you will GO TO HELL!!!! NOW DROP DOWN AND GIVE ME 5 … Continue reading

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Think with your own mind (Part 1) – Career

Are you a good child? Have you been doing everything that your family tells you to do, because they want the best for you and want you to be happy? If yes then you’re someone who they are probably really … Continue reading

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And we’re LIVE….well…..kind off ^_^

Yeeeeeeees my dear readers (if I even have any)! Today is the day that I finally made my first official Vlog on my YouTube channel. It took me a while to get my lazy but out and record it, but … Continue reading

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