Think with your own mind (Part 2) – Religion & Beliefs

Ok this is gonna be a short one because it’s diffidently a fact that if you do not follow god and his rules by the very last drop of ink you will GO TO HELL!!!! NOW DROP DOWN AND GIVE ME 5 PRAYERS……….I’m just kidding.

But you would be surprised how some people take their religion seriously. And when it comes to parents and their kids, you usually aren’t allowed to choose for yourself. As we all know, religion is a very big topic in this world…you have many different religions (some of which you never even heard off) and then you have even more branches of those religions.

I mean just look at Christianity…just the protestants have sooooo many different branches by themselves. And a lot of times, different branches of the same religion don’t agree and even fight with each other (like the muslims do with the Shia and the Suni branch), or different religions fight with each other (geez where should i begin with that…..).

But what most people fail to understand is that when you are a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim,or a part of any other religion that worships one god…a lot of people fail to understand one thing: IT’S THE SAME GOD!!!!!!!!! YOU ALL WORSHIP THE SAME GOD!!!!!! All the wars, all the fighting, all the pain……..all because you don’t want to accept that you all worship the same god, but you choose to follow different rules. But I know that some religions such as the Buddhists and other religions that like it don’t have a god…that’s different when it comes to this topic. Anyway…kiss and make up!

Now that I got that out of my system….let’s get back to what we were originally going to talk about.

When you are born to this world you are usually going to be born under one of two circumstances: Religions or non religious parents. Usually when you are born under religious parents you will be brought up to be a good Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, etc…you get the point…and will come to love the religion as you grow up…not exactly what I would call freedom of religion but hey….if you don’t hate it I guess it’s okay. But what happens when a child starts to rebel or even worse…starts thinking about a different religion. What happens when all of a sudden, the teachings of his parent’s that they sooooo love to preach suddenly doesn’t want to be accepted by their child? Well……in most cases it’s not gonna be a easy path to take that i can guarantee….some parent’s tend to accept the fact but a lot of times…….not gonna happen. Usually there is a lot of fighting, arguing, pain, and temporary separation included.

Now….what happens when….you are born under a family….that does not follow any religion…and then all of a sudden….one or both of your parents decide to be a part of one…and force you to follow it too….let that be that they tell you straight or they imply it as house rules.

All of a sudden, you’re not allowed to do things that you were usually allowed to do, your friends are wrong, your f

un is suddenly bad……and the worst part is you don’t believe in what they do. That kind of thing happened to me. I was 15 years old when my mother went from being no religion to being a full on Muslim. And slowly she started trying to force her beliefs on me….some rules were straight religious while others were/are implemented as house rules, and the Islamic way of life was the only right way to live… because if not i will go to hell…no questions asked. Suddenly my way of life wasn’t good and the worse part it I couldn’t do anything about it….except hide my secrets from my mom (and my parents have been divorced for a long time so at least i got some support from my dad on my decisions.

You see I am agnostic…I don’t deny god’s existence but i also don’t follow any religious rules. I follow moral rules and at the same time I want to enjoy life (especially my youth) while I still can. I don’t believe that i will go to hell if I drink at a party or have sex with a girl….as long as she wasn’t forced….and of course don’t do drugs!

What I think is that every parent should let their child grow up to a certain age, and then start teaching them about their beliefs, but also always make them feel like if they don’t like it, or if they want to “switch” religions, that they should be able to do so without regret.

I’m not saying that being a vegetarian is bad….but you can’t force someone in to something and you should give them a option to choose…tell them why you think eating meat is bad, and if they agree…they do….if not….they don’t….deal with it!

That’s it for this weeks major post. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

If you like the topics i poste please make sure to share my blog with your friends, and if you disagree you are more than welcome to leave a comment or send a angry letter and I will respond to it a polite way.

Luca S. Kuhar


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Most of you know me simply as Luca. I'm just a normal guy trying to live a life and share my opinion about different subjects (gaming, life, science, tech, religion, name it). So that's whats mostly gonna be posted here on this blog. Nothing offensive, but (hopefully) highly intellectual as well as maybe some short "facebook style" updates if something happened in my life or there is something on my mind. Have fun :)
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