The American Dream

========This is for all of those that know who I am and know about my situation (but everyone is welcome to read.========

A lot of you keep asking me why do I bother, why don’t I go back where I came from, that I would be happier there.
But the truth is, I was never happy there to begin with. I was always different that everyone else.

My life changed completely when I first came to the United States and enrolled here in High School. No one cared who I was, where I came from, or what my hobbies are. There were always people aroind that I could fit in with. But most of all, I loved how people were independent and free. Everyone could do what they wanted and what made them happy. But the thing that instantly got me hooked: I was almost instantly accepted…even tho I was new, foregin, had a slight studder, and a weird and messed up household. I was amazed…and no matter how bad things were…most people didn’t care, because they didn’t judge me for that, they only cared about who I was.

Eben tho I originaly still didn’t like the idea of leaving my homeland behind and to be honest I still miss it, but I don’t miss living there anymore.

A lot of people I know now would tell me: “You are crazy! Life in Europe is amazing! And not to mention you have familiy there!” Well let me tell you something: Europe is a place with a lot of history (good and bad), beautiful arhitecture, amazing natural sites, beautiful people (so I’m told), some of the best parties around, you can get practicaly anywhere without a car (bus and train), and good cars (German cars…can’t beat them! :P). So what’s wrong then? No issues so far right? Well: the people aren’t open minded, you are judged if you don’t fit in, and once you do something wrong in your life, it will haunt you forever (especially in my small country), and moving somewhere new is hard since…well….it’s not like everyone in Europe speaks one language. Also a lot of times people don’t support you when you want to do something. Why do you think there aren’t as many European actors as there are American ones is a good example.
All this things might not seem really solid to everyone but I just can’t find the right words to express myself.

Now let’s talk a little bit about my family. Now just like any normal person I love and miss my family, but let me say a little fact that I learned from life: “You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family.” My entire family is completely broken from all sides, no one talkes to each other anymore, everyone gets’s on everyones nerves, and more than half of my family is either devorced or not really as happy as they could be. It’s not something I want to go back too at all. And I’m not the only one with a family like this.

I could also talk about economy and the difference in the standard of living but I’m gonna make it shord: It’s easier to survive in the United States.

So why is this titled “The American Dream”? Well…through out the two yeard of living here I met a lot of Americans that kept saying how they hate living in the States and how they want to move away, how everything is dull and boring. Somehow I think a lot of Americans drifted away from the whole concept of the American Dream, where everyone can be what they want to be, and not be judged for it. It’s about being happy the by being who you are and not what others want you to be, while always having a chance to survive because of the lowers requirements of survival. And I feel like it’s only us foreigners that see that these days because we try so hard to stay here while everyone else tryes to leave.

What happened to me isn’t my fault, I never wanted this. But I won’t sit by and sacrifice everything for the mistakes made by the adults is my life.

The American Dream is still alive, that’s why I’m here, that’s why I want to stay, and I want to live it with all the people that made me realize that, and that have suported me in one way or a nother through this.

(When I finished writing this I went through this and I just hope you’ll understand what I’m trying to say)


About Luca

Most of you know me simply as Luca. I'm just a normal guy trying to live a life and share my opinion about different subjects (gaming, life, science, tech, religion, name it). So that's whats mostly gonna be posted here on this blog. Nothing offensive, but (hopefully) highly intellectual as well as maybe some short "facebook style" updates if something happened in my life or there is something on my mind. Have fun :)
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One Response to The American Dream

  1. nejc says:

    nice observation and comment about people’s mentality and seeing you from different eyes without judgment.. i can see the difference, and i’m just 2000km away from homecountry..

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